Cartier Glasses

How Much Do Cartier Glasses Cost?

Cartier is one of the big names in jewelery and Cartier eye glasses can bring that same level of bling to your eye wear. Whether you are looking for a nice pair of designer sunglasses or something that is more everyday for driving and reading there is something to offer in most of the Cartier eye wear collection. There are even Cartier eyeglasses for men. Choosing Cartier means you have over a hundred and fifty years of design and style put into a thoughtful and classy piece of fashion, something that many other companies cannot boast. Though more famous for it’s watches and jewelry many brands are starting to branch out further in an attempt to get more revenue from shoppers in this tough economic climate.

Cartier is one of the foremost names in French couture. They have designed some of the most famous pieces of jewelry including the first functional wristwatch, a brooch for Wallis Simpson and a diamond necklace for the Maharaja of Patiala. Their work with precious metals and gems speaks for itself with many celebrities and royals alike sporting their work. When Cartier began creating eyeglasses they tried to instill the same jeweled fancy into them. Their pieces are priced in line with their famous name, which for many will be far out of a budget. In 2011 they released the Panthère collection of eyewear that incorporates the iconic panther right into the metal frame of the glasses. The glasses are available in 4 different colors and 2 different finishes.

Cartier Eyeglasses

When looking to purchase Cartier glasses you might be looking at paying more for the box alone than most other pairs of designer sunglasses cost for the entire package. These are certainly not a cheap piece of couture and though certainly there are fakes and knock-offs available they just aren’t even close to the originals. Authentic Cartier eyeglasses will run you several thousand dollars just for the frames alone and certainly won’t be found at your local Lenscrafters. Shopping online will give you a rough idea of what you might be paying for something like these with a used pair of consignment Cartier sunglasses starting around $300. Sunglasses tend to be the cheapest in designer eyewear since there are no expensive lenses or adjustments needed, though if you want to add in prescription lenses your optometrist should be more than happy to help. When buying used or consignment however there really is no guarantee to the purchase and without an original receipt or some guarantee from Cartier itself, there is nothing saying you aren’t buying a very good copy and wasting your money. Original pieces will come with a certificate that guarantees your purchase but again there is nothing saying that can’t be faked as well. Be very careful when considering buying a pair second hand, even if it is cheaper, because of this.

A pair of simple wired Cartier frames will run you about $900 used if you find a deal on them, without the lenses. Compared to many other designer eyeglasses this might seem absolutely extortionate. Gucci eyeglasses, for example, will only run you about $150 for the frames brand new. The reason for this huge difference in price is that Cartier simply can afford to make you pay for their name and quality. Finding Cartier frames new will usually mean going to a very high-end optometrist in a large city like London or New York and possibly having to wait by ordering them. Finding them new will cost you well over $1000 and often as much as $2000 to find a pair of frames alone. Though this might seem ridiculous it is simply the exclusive way of designer fashion.

Different types of glasses will also affect the price you pay. Rimmed and framed glasses cost much less than those that seem to be almost invisible. This is partly because of the popularity and partly because of the intricate design balance needed in creating a pair of glasses that seems not to be there. Cartier eyeglasses rimless models are usually a lot more expensive than those with complete frames. Rimless frames start around $1899 and just continue going up from there. Frankly, there is nothing exceptional about the rimless models as they look similar to most other designer’s and in this instance, you really are paying for the name of the brand alone.

Cartier eyeglasses may be something of a designer dream for most people. Though having any item with the name Cartier immediately brings to mind a vintage couture and opulence that most people can never afford the eyeglasses certainly don’t do anything to dispel that idea. Their work comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with sunglasses often being the cheapest choice, though that word is used rather loosely considering the price tag. With such an astronomical price tag it isn’t a wonder that there are so many copies and fakes of their work out there. Cartier eyeglasses might be more than a name in design but their glasses certainly do not look that much different from other designer models, which begs the question of why pay more?


History of Cartier Sunglasses and Eye Glasses

Cartier Sunglasses and Eye Glasses are exclusive for a simple reason; wearing them requires money.  Forgetting about the “great deal” found online, direct from the manufacturer, these glasses are pricey.  On the company retail website, they fetch a minimum of 500 dollars, with the most expensive models selling for upwards of 2,000 dollars. On one …