The Cartier Impact: What Is So Special About Cartier Glasses And Lenses?

Why Do People Like Cartier Glasses?

What makes a Cartier, a Cartier? The difference of course, is in the details.  The mystique of the brand, the composition of its fine materials, the forward thinking style, and even the price itself, sets Cartier above and beyond other fine jewelers and designers of sunglasses.

Modern sunglasses are designed to be practical, safe, effective, and distortion free pieces of eye wear, and also still remain stylish and comfortable while doing them. Sounds impossible, and usually there does end up being some compromise for fashion or practicality for most sunglasses on the market today.  Those people who want sunglasses that are the best, however, don’t have to accept a compromise.  The best is expected to leave nothing to want, and very few manufactures are up to the task.  Cartier is.

Cartier sunglasses are designed by the same firm that designs elegant engagement jewelry, fine timepieces, and also select fashion accessories like perfume and cologne, lighters, pens, and yes, sunglasses.  The sunglass line offers the buyer a wide range of designs and styles to suit the tastes of the wearer, all while giving a level of workmanship and function found only in top tier manufactures.  They use only glass or polycarbonate lenses, and each offers the finest quality optical lens possible.  An easy way to test a true high quality optical lens is to hold up the lenses a few inches from your face, and focus on an easily distinguishable pattern in front of you.  As you move the glasses from side to side and up and down, the image should remain steady.  Any waviness or distortion is a sign on an inferior lens.  So naturally this would not happen with any lens from Cartier.

Tint is also another area in which Cartier spends considerable time and effort getting it right.  The need to get the color the perfect tint and shade requires a precise technique to embed the desired characteristics into the lens.  Forced tint saturation into the lens material takes time, and hence more money for manufactures to get darker tints and greater protection from UV light.  Cartier doesn’t skimp on materials or time in making its components, and as a result they produce a supremely high quality final product.  This tinted glass is then protected and enhanced by several layers of coatings designed to not only keep the glasses looking better longer, but also give a better look to the user.

Frames are also of considerable importance to Cartier when designing new eye wear worthy of the Cartier name.  Frames are never plastic or of a simulated material.  Often carbon fiber is used, brushed in a special technique with ruthenium metal for both structural support and a fashionable design.  Wood or Ivory or even more precious metals may be inlaid in Cartier sunglasses to match the design personality of Cartier buyers.   The screws and fastenings are always secure metal designs, and each frame is individually numbered, so that when you take a suspected fake into a Cartier store, they will instantly be able to verify its authenticity.

The Santos line is the definitive look of early Cartier.  It has all the elements of a top tier, high quality sunglass manufacture should produce in a premium offering.  Around the turn of the 20th century, Louis Cartier’s aviator friend Alberto Santos-Dunmont requested a custom designed timepiece that he could use while flying.  Today, in the spirit and style of the aviator, Cartier sells the Santos rimmed sunglasses in ruthenium finished metal modern aviator style sunglasses.  The frames are a composite wood and carbon fiber construction, giving style without the sacrifice of function.  As it should for a pair of glasses that cost over 1,500 dollars.  And of course Cartier will gift wrap and ship it to you for free when you buy it.

When looking for a pair of designer sunglasses on an unlimited budget, Cartier always makes the list of considerations.  Other offerings from Armani, Judith Leiber, and Mont Blanc may offer enticing fashion at a lower cost, but its hard to compete, even with Cartier’s higher prices, with a company that has been in existence since 1847 as a purveyor of luxury goods to the aristocracy.  It also doesn’t hurt that Cartier has been known as the “Jeweler of Kings, King of Jewelers” for over 100 years.  So when people buy a Cartier, they know that they not only get the best, but also that everyone knows they have the best.

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